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Artículo en revista académica

calendar_month Publicación: 26/11/2010

What’s next in Key Account Management Research? Building the Bridge between the Academic Literature and the Practitioners´priorities

Autor: Rodrigo Guesalaga, Johnston, W.

This research contrasts the academic literature on key account management (KAM) with the topics in this subject that are most critical to practitioners. Sixty four academic articles published in 17 journals, and ninety practitioners’ articles appearing in the Velocity Magazine — published by the Strategic Account Management Association — were content analyzed and classified under ten ‘topic’ categories. Similarities and differences in the results for academics and practitioners are discussed. In addition, two specific topics were identified as being extremely important to managers but still under-researched by academics: the role of senior management in KAM, and the importance of internal alignment in determining KAM success.

Fuente: Industrial Marketing Management

Volumen: 39, Número: 7, Páginas: 1063-1068

IF: 1,694, AI: 0,433

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