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calendar_month Publicación: 03/03/2022

Using Narratives and Numbers in Performance Prediction: Attitudes, Confidence and Validity

Autor: Edgar Kausel, Susan Niessen, Marvin Neumann

Profesor Relacionado: Edgar Kausel

In a preregistered prediction-task experiment, we investigated the effect of narrative versus quantified information on decision-maker perceptions, confidence, predictor weighting, and predictive accuracy when making performance predictions. We also investigated the effect of who quantifies information (the decision maker or someone else). As expected, we found higher perceived informativeness and use intentions for narrative than quantified information. Information presented narratively was also weighted somewhat more heavily than quantified information. Using quantitative information quantified by decision makers themselves yielded higher perceived autonomy and use intentions than quantitative information quantified by someone else. However, no differences in prediction confidence were found and self- and other-produced quantifications received identical weight. Moreover, unexpectedly, differences in weighting did not translate to differences in predictive accuracy.

Fuente: International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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