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calendar_month Publicación: 01/01/2014

Using general mental ability and personality traits to predict job performance in three Chilean organizations

Autor: Edgar Kausel, Eduardo Barros, Felipe Cuadra, Daniel A. Diaz

Although the field of personnel selection has amounted around 100 years of research, there has been an overrepresentation of American and Western European samples in these studies. In particular, samples from Latin America have been almost entirely absent from industrial and organizational psychology journals. Thus, it is unknown whether well- documented findings, such as the prediction of job performance based on general mental ability and conscientiousness, replicate in this region. This research intended to address this gap in the literature with three studies conducted in Chilean organizations, using different research designs, and different operationalizations of predictors and criteria. Results are generally consistent with previous studies, showing that conscientiousness and general mental ability significantly predict job performance in these Chilean samples.

Fuente: International Journal of Selection and Assessment

Volumen: 22, Número: 4, Páginas: 432-438

IF-2015: 0,610, AI-2015: 0,414

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