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calendar_month Publicación: 06/12/2021

Transformative Social Innovation in Latin America: Interdependence, Co-creation, and Democratization of the Change Agenda

Autor: Sebastián Gatica, Catalina Ramírez, Francisca Petrasic

This article seeks to analyze how social innovation in Latin America has evolved as our societal problems have changed in nature, depth, and scale. Today, social innovation in Latin America reflects the current social territorial transformation at the local level. As a response to the climate emergency and the political, economic, humanitarian, and health crisis, the region has made progress in articulating its innovation ecosystem and equipping actors with the essential knowledge to create a common understanding of our problems. Despite that, the challenge of making significant inroads in addressing the region’s pressing socio-environmental problems is greater. In the coming years, the acceleration of our understanding of the processes and impact we generate will be more crucial than ever before.

Fuente: Social Innovations Journal

Volume 10

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