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calendar_month Publicación: 11/10/2022

The Role of Inter-Team Relational Coordination in the High-Performance Work Systems–Team Performance Linkage

Autor: Andrés Raineri, Sergio Valenzuela, Sergio Valenzuela Ibarra

Building mainly upon the resource-based theory, social exchange theory, and relational theory, this paper integrates three research streams that propose how human capital, affective commitment, and inter-team relational coordination relate to each other in the mediation between high-performance work systems (HPWSs) and team performance. Questionnaires were distributed to employees and supervisors in 189 teams from different companies in Chile to test a sequential mediation model of the HPWS–team performance relationship, using the mediation paths of human capital and affective commitment as antecedents of inter-team relational coordination. Structural Equation Modeling is used to assess whether data support the hypothesized pathways. Results support a mediated sequential path in which HPWSs influence human capital and affective commitment, which in turn affect inter-team relational coordination, while the three mediators influence team performance. Furthermore, post-hoc analyses suggest that the Opportunities component of the Ability–Motivation–Opportunity (AMO) model of human resource practices has a stronger and direct impact on the inter-team relational coordination mediation path than the abilities and motivation components of the AMO model. This study contributes to the understanding of how human capital, affective commitment and inter-team relational coordination relate to each other within the mediation of HPWSs–team performance relationship.

Fuente: International Journal Of Human Resource Management

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