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calendar_month Publicación: 30/09/2023

Task-Specific Algorithm Advice Acceptance: A Review and Directions for Future Research

Autor: Álvaro Chacón, Nicolás Herrera, Esther Kaufmann, Edgar Kausel, Tomás Reyes


Due to digitalization resulting in artificial intelligence advice, there are increasing studies on advice taking, exploring individual and task-relevant factors associated with the acceptance of algorithm advice. However, to our notice, there are no reviews of studies on the acceptance of algorithm advice that focus explicitly on a task level that consider methodological features and provide a quantitative measure of algorithm acceptance. Our review closes these research gaps. We evaluated 44 studies, 122 tasks, and 89,751 participants. Our review shows that algorithm aversion is present in 75% of the 122 considered tasks. In addition, our quantified measures underscore some shortcomings by the underrepresented individual, task, or methodological characteristics—for example, the expertise of advice takers and longitudinal studies. Finally, we provide valuable recommendations to continue research on algorithm acceptance.

Fuente: Science Direct

Volume 7, Issue 3

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