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calendar_month Publicación: 06/08/2014


SNA Educa (previously known as Codesser) is a non-profit organization which was created by the National Association of Farmers (Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura, SNA) in Chile. Its mission included improving the living conditions of people associated with rural activities. One way of doing this was by offering agricultural and technical education to low-income students in rural areas. SNA Educa currently manages around 20 high schools in different regions of Chile. In the early 2000, SNA Educa made a major decision: to buy a school to provide primary and secondary scientific humanistic education, a field in which the organization had neither previous educational experience nor managing skills. Even though the investment decision had proven financially convenient, several issues cast some doubts about the suitability of the decision: inadequate mission fit, low educational test scores of the school, the troublesome political environment related to school reform, child abuse in the school, , among others. After ten years of the acquisition, the board is now debating whether it should reverse its previous decision and sell the school.

Fuente: Harvard Business School

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