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calendar_month Publicación: 06/08/2012

Regulating Broadband in Chile: The Debate Over Open Access

Autor: José Gómez-Ibañez, Jorge Tarziján

Profesor Relacionado: Jorge Tarziján

In 2011, Chile’s Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Jorge Atton, was considering adopting a different policy toward regulating competition in Internet services than previously applied to voice telephony. Atton headed Chile’s telecommunications regulatory agency, SUBTEL. For the past two decades, SUBTEL had encouraged the emergence of competition in telephone services in part by forcing the incumbent telephone company to give new entrants to the industry access to its customers. SUBTEL had circulated for public comment consultation document that raised the possibility of imposing “open access” requirements on the providers of broadband Internet services. This case discusses the debate over open access in Chile.

Fuente: Kennedy School of Government

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