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calendar_month Publicación: 01/08/2021

Project team resilience: The effect of group potency and interpersonal trust

Autor: Hugo Gómez, Vicente González, Lyonel Laulié, Ignacio Pavéz , Ignacio Pavéz


Project teams are likely to work under a high degree of stress and interpersonal demands that usually diminish performance. The ability of a team to prosper in these adverse conditions has been studied using the construct of team resilience, but there is still little knowledge about the determinants of team resilience in a project-based environment. Therefore, we propose a model in which interpersonal trust (i.e., cognition and affect-based trust) and group potency drive the perception of team resilience in project team members. We tested the model in a sample of 214 construction project management team members belonging to 50 teams. Our results suggest that affect-based trust and group potency mediate the relationship between cognition-based trust and project team resilience. We discuss the implications of these results for research on project team resilience and, more generally, how these findings could help enrich the literature on project management.

Fuente: International Journal of Project Management

Volume 39, Issue 6

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