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calendar_month Publicación: 01/12/2023

Pool testing with dilution effects and heterogeneous priors

The Dorfman pooled testing scheme is a process in which individual specimens (e.g., blood, urine, swabs, etc.) are pooled and tested together; if the merged sample tests positive for infection, then each specimen from the pool is tested individually. Through this procedure, laboratories can reduce the expected number of tests required to screen the population, as individual tests are only carried out when the pooled test detects an infection. Several different partitions of the population can be used to form the pools. In this study, we analyze the performance of ordered partitions, those in which subjects with similar probability of infection are pooled together. We derive sufficient conditions under which ordered partitions outperform other types of partitions in terms of minimizing the expected number of tests, the expected number of false negatives, and the expected number of false positive classifications. These sufficient conditions can be easily verified in practical applications once the dilution effect has been estimated. We also propose a measure of equity and present conditions under which this measure is maximized by ordered partitions.

Fuente: Health Care Management Science


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