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calendar_month Publicación: 06/05/2005

Optimal planning of a multi-station system with sojourn time constraints

Autor: Marcos Singer, Patricio Donoso, José Luis Noguer

This paper studies a dynamic production system where multiple products must visit stations where inventories are constrained by maximum and minimum sojourn times with neither negative flow nor backlog being allowed. A resource availability constraint limits the aggregate throughput of the stations. The objective is to minimize the sum of flow and inventory cost. The problem is broken down into several single-product serial systems that serve as subroutines of a Lagrangian relaxation routine. This model is implemented in a spreadsheet so that it can be used by the officials of a Chilean institution for planning the operations and defining the optimal allocation of resources.

Fuente: Annals of Operations Research

138 pp. 203 – 222

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