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calendar_month Publicación: 01/04/2014

Impact of crop–manure ratios on energy production and fertilizing characteristics of liquid and solid digestate during codigestion

Autor: Claudia Pabón, J.W. de Vries, Maja Slingerland, Grietje Zeeman, Jules van Lier

The influence of maize silage-manure ratios on energy output and digestate characteristics was studied using batch experiments. The methane production, nutrients availability (N and P) and heavy metals’ content were followed in multiflask experiments at digestion times 7, 14, 20, 30 and 60 days. In addition, the available nutrient content in the liquid and solid parts of the digestate was evaluated. Aanaerobic digestion favoured the availability of nutrients to plants, after 61 days 20-26% increase in NH4+ and 0-36% increase in PO4(3-) were found in relation to initial concentrations. Digestion time and maize addition increased the availability of PO4(3-). Inorganic nutrients were found to be mainly available in the liquid part of the digestate, i.e. 80-92% NH4+ and 65-74% PO4(3-). Manure had a positive effect on the methane production rate, whereas maize silage increased the total methane production per unit volatile solids in all treatments.

Fuente: Environmental Technology journal

2014 Sep-Oct. 35(19), 2427-2434

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