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calendar_month Publicación: 19/11/2018

A Finer Grained Approach to Psychological Capital and Work Performance

Autor: Héctor Madrid, Maria T. Diaz, Stavroula Leka, Pedro I. Leiva, Eduardo Barros

Psychological capital is a set of personal resources comprised by hope, efficacy, optimism, and resilience, which previous research has supported as being valuable for general work performance. However, in today’s organizations, a multidimensional approach is required to understanding work performance, thus, we aimed to determine whether psychological capital improves proficiency, adaptivity, and proactivity, and also whether hope, efficiency, resilience, and optimism have a differential contribution to the same outcomes. Analyzing the temporal meaning of each psychological capital dimension, this paper theorizes the relative weights of psychological capital dimensions on proficiency, adaptivity, and proactivity, proposing also that higher relative weight dimensions are helpful to cope with job demands and perform well.

Fuente: Journal of Business and Psychology

IF 2017: 2,576, AI 2017: 1,505

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