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calendar_month Publicación: 06/08/2003

Farmacias Ahumada S.A. and the Fundacion Las Rosas

Describes the alliance between Farmacias Ahumada S.A. (FASA), the largest drugstore chain in Chile, and the Las Rosas Foundation (Fundacion Las Rosas, or FLR), a nonprofit organization that provides shelter and care to needy elders. The collaboration began in 1997. The board at FASA opted to partner with a NGO to enhance its public image as a good community neighbor. FASA trained its salespeople to ask drugstore customers for a small monetary contribution at store cash registers to benefit FLR. By 2002, fundraising among FASA customers amounted to $381,000, covering approximately 5% of FLR’s operating expenses. One half of store purchases resulted in a small donation for FLR. In recent years, FLR underwent remarkable growth. However, this growth called for an increase in financial resources if the institution were to fulfill its mission appropriately. The nonprofit was offered the chance to enter into a new partnership with an international supermarket chain. A new alliance posed a potential risk to the relationship with FASA, and the foundation’s vice-president faced a critical decision. The visibility of a new partnership between FLR and the supermarket might make FLR a less attractive partner for the drugstore chain. Addresses issues of alliance development, strategy valuation, and selection of cross-sector collaborations.

Fuente: Harvard Business School

Páginas: 1-17; Product #: SKE019-PDF-ENG

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