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calendar_month Publicación: 01/05/2021

Drivers of customer satisfaction in the grocery retail industry: A longitudinal analysis across store formats

Autor: Marcel Goić, Camilo Levenier, Ricardo Montoya

The design of satisfactory shopping experiences remains one of the main challenges for building long-term profitability in modern retailing. Therefore, companies are interested in identifying the key drivers of the service execution that shape customer shopping satisfaction. In this study, we developed a standardized questionnaire for evaluating the shopping experience, and conducted a large study in several grocery stores across different formats during a time span of five years. The resulting rich dataset enabled us to uncover interesting patterns using both individual and store-level analyses. Our results indicate that larger store formats are associated with greater satisfaction levels. When looking at the marginal effects of the various elements of customer service, we found that some specific elements of service execution present significant differences across store formats. In addition, we identified loss aversion on shopping experience, since poor performance impacts more on customer satisfaction than superior performance. Finally, our store-level analysis sheds light on how changes in the service performance determine changes in the shopping experience in the same store. These implied results may guide store and chain managers to evaluate the role of the store execution elements better, and to design the customer shopping experience successfully.

Fuente: Journal Of Retailing And Consumer Services

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