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calendar_month Publicación: 01/01/2011

Cultural Intelligence in Cross-Cultural Selling: Propositions and Directions for Future Research

Autor: Rodrigo Guesalaga, Hansen, J., Singh, T., Weilbaker, D.

Despite the fact a growing number of firms now derive a large percentage of their revenues from global operations, our understanding of the means though which cross-cultural sales relationships are best managed is limited. This paper provides a framework for research on the issue. The framework incorporates theories from several disciplines, interlacing what we know about cross-cultural effectiveness and adaptive selling in focusing on the ability of the salesperson to adapt to the cultural background of the customer. A series of research propositions are advanced in support of the framework, and opportunities for future research in the area are discussed.

Fuente: Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management

Volumen: 31, Número: 3, Páginas: 243-254

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