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Revista Abante

calendar_month Publicación: 01/01/2007

Corrupción y concentración del ingreso: su impacto en las empresas latinoamericanas

[:es]Corruption and income inequality have developed into a threat throughout Latin America. Their expansion generates a sense of urgency to confront the problem. Both perversely influence business decisions despite inherently sound macroeconomic reforms. Empirical evidence for twenty Latin American countries confirms a relationship between a set of political and economic variables to explain business performance. The analysis provides support that mainly corruption, rather than income inequality, adversely affects business performance. However, when taken together, both corruption and income disparities exacerbate their negative effects. Business executives must take a stance to demand minimum levels of transparency and equity.[:]

Fuente: Revista Abante

Volumen 10, Número 2, Páginas 127-150

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