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calendar_month Publicación: 06/08/2003

Corporación de Ayuda al Nino Quemado (COANIQUEM) and ESSO Chile

Autor: Mladen Koljatic, Mónica Silva

Profesor Relacionado: Mladen Koljatic, Mónica Silva

Describes the evolution of the alliance between Corporacion de Ayuda para el Nino Quemado (Corporation for the Aid of Burned Children, or COANIQUEM) and ESSO-Chile (ESSO), a subsidiary of ExxonMobil International and one of the major fuel distributors of the country. This alliance involves a long-term relationship that becomes increasingly important for both partners. Addresses issues of long-term collaboration in the context of a multinational organization that does not espouse a policy of establishing formal alliances with nonprofit institutions. COANIQUEM has gained standing and recognition in the community, and a stable partnership has emerged between the two successful organizations. However, the decision to build an international center for the rehabilitation of burned children might challenge the long-standing relationship, which can jeopardize the financial health of COANIQUEM. Explores the opportunities and risks entailed in the strategic decision to expand and the challenges this decision entails for the future of the alliance. Can address the role of charismatic leadership and trust-building in the creation and growth of nonprofits.

Fuente: Harvard Business School

Páginas: 1-25; Product #: SKE009-PDF-ENG

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