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calendar_month Publicación: 03/12/2021

College Admission Tests and Social Responsibility

Autor: Mladen Koljatic, Mónica Silva, Stephen G. Sireci

In this article we address the mounting criticism and rejection of standardized tests used in the selection of students for college or university education. Admission tests are being increasingly demonized in many parts of the world and many colleges and universities are dropping tests for selection purposes, claiming the tests are detrimental to fair selection. The testing industry is at the center of this criticism and is accused of maintaining, and even facilitating, the social ills associated with admissions testing, much like iconic business corporations were accused of supporting unfair labor practices in the 1990s. The response of some business corporations to those criticisms was to embrace corporate social responsibility and increase transparency and accountability in their operations. Unfortunately, such acceptance of responsibility and increased transparency have not emerged in the testing industry. We believe the legitimacy of admission tests will continue to be challenged until the testing industry adopts a new way of conducting their business to regain the goodwill of relevant stakeholders in society that so far have been largely ignored.

Fuente: Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice.

Volume 40, Issue (Nº) 4, pages 22-27, mes diciembre

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