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calendar_month Publicación: 01/10/2023

Assessing nutrient circularity capacity in South American metropolitan areas

Autor: Claudia Pabón, Alma Fleitas, Tom Wassenaar

After decades of linear, intensive agri-food-waste systems, countries are prioritizing strategies for nutrient circularity. This requires consideration of social, environmental, and economic dimensions from multiple perspectives, and has been challenging to adapt to local conditions. This study aimed to define and measure nutrient circularity capacity (NCC), which considers existing technical and organizational characteristics that influence an area’s potential to develop and implement sustainable nutrient management strategies. First, influencing factors were identified and then linked to indicators chosen for their feasibility, salience, and credibility. Then the tool was applied to South American metropolitan areas, gathering local and national data, and values were compared to each other through a preliminary threshold scoring system. This tool allows stakeholders from any context to use credible, existing information to identify gaps and priority areas that should be further evaluated and discussed to co-create effective, informed policies and plans.

Fuente: Resources, Conservation and Recycling

Volume 197, October 2023, 107085

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